About Us

When people ask what we do . . .
We say that we work with a wide range of people many who are tired and worn out, have arthritis or allergies, or who just want to optimize their health.

We help people feel better and have more energy! We do this by evaluating each person’s:

  • eating habits
  • supplements
  • medical history
  • medications
  • lifestyle . . .and more

After evaluating each person, which may include additional testing, we make suggestions on how you can improve all the areas of their life. Our goal is to improve your overall WELL-ness and optimize your health!

Come see Dr. Ron and Chris, and find out what you can do to achieve your health wish. You will leave with a better knowledge of how your body works, and what changes to expect. You will understand when and why you feel better!

More information about us and our work . . .
Dr. Ron received his Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Texas at Dallas. He is a member of the IAACN, the International and American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists, and a Fellow in the American Council of Applied Clinical Nutrition, FACACN. He is also a member of the Price-Pottenger Foundation. He completed his Dietetic Internship through TWU in Denton in May, and became a Registered Dietician in July, 2005.

His wife, Chris, received her RN in Oklahoma City in 1961, and her B.S. in Occupational Therapy (OTR) at Texas Womans University in Denton and Dallas (1978). She had experience in various hospital & office settings, and with chronic back pain patients and in Home Health care with multiple conditions.

Both Dr. Ron and Chris completed the 2000 Advanced Clinical Nutrition Training by Designs for Health, Inc. which implemented detailed eating and supplement programs for over 60 different conditions. They have continued their participation in ongoing Designs for Health and Crayhon Research educational seminars in Colorado on a yearly basis.

With over 26 years experience with nutrition, they support and “coach” you as you improve your health. The private at-home practice, Nutriwellness, welcomes clients by appointment.

Since July 2000, Dr. Ron has been the nutritionist on staff at the Environmental Health Center of Dallas. These patients are seen by appointment only at EHC-D.

Dr. Ron works with the nutritional deficiencies associated with a specific diagnosis, or with medications and their interactions. He is uniquely trained in a large number of additional tests to get at the source of problems, and most importantly, to offer solutions that work.

He also offers alternatives to medication when a good, safe, and effective choice is available.