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As a Clinical Nutritionist, Dr. Ron Overberg will take an in-depth look at your current nutritional status by looking at your food diary for several days, your Wellness Blood Profile and Urinalysis reports, and what you write or tell him about how you are feeling and what you wish to achieve or improve.

You may just want a simple nutrition program to help you feel better without a full consult with Dr. Ron. In this instance Chris Overberg can help you by making solid nutritional recommendations after consulting with you. See our list of complete testing and consultations, and Dr. Ron’s Five Step Process on the right side of this page.

Our services include a variety of testing at extremely reasonable costs. Primarily, we like to have the Wellness Blood Profile and Urinalysis as a basis for all new clients, as that tells so much about so many of the body’s systems, their relationship to each other, and the symptoms of distress or discomfort that bring you in to see him. A wide range of other blood tests are also available, particularly heart health and diabetic testing. Also available is the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, and the Organix Urine Amino Acid test. Neurotransmitter test looks for hormone and depression related issues, and SpectraCell tests for Vitamin Mineral Antioxidant status.

We use a number of tests for gluten sensitivity, intolerance, and gut issues, many of which are not celiac related. Allergies and food intolerances have been a major area for many years in our practice. Leaky gut  is included here.

There are many ways we can work with you and we want you to feel comfortable in your choice of affordable nutritional treatment. Welcome to our site and our work.

We look forward to working with you.

Chris and Dr. Ron Overberg

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NOTE: You are charged for the Lab tests when they are ordered. Payment is due at that time. The kits are prepared and sent with the intent to do them immediately. there are no returns or refunds.