May 2012
Hi Chris & Ron —
Thanks for sending the magnesium — it arrived yesterday. I took two capsules last night and it worked!
I forgot to tell you that I had my hair done on Saturday and my hairdresser noticed that a lot of new hair was growing in — the vitamin ! at work!
My allergies have disappeared!
Thanks so much for doing what you do. If only the rest of the world knew that it’s all about biochemistry and nutrition!
Enjoy your vacation!
Blessings —

May 2012
I slept 6 full hours and awoke to the alarm, not pain several times. I am feeling like a human, no acid reflux today……no other symptoms. I can even tell my ulcer is not hurting, nor is my pouch hurting. I’m so happy – just beaming. I even washed my hair and shaved my legs this morning! Life is so much better.
Muwahhhh to you both!

September 2011
“I have my life back. I have so much energy and clarity. I have to make myself go to bed! I used to be so tired.”
Everyone is noticing a huge difference in me! They say I look different! I’m feeling like a new person. – Mary R.

June 2011
Ron, I wanted to let you know that I have been feeling wonderful for the past several weeks….all but a few days I feel “normal” & it’s been years.
Thanks so much,

November 2010
Hello Miracle Worker!
I have to tell you that I felt sooooo much better within an hour of taking the Vit A this morning. I felt like my whole body relaxed. Great! JM

December 2009
Alice shared:
John (her husband) said 2 weeks ago to Alice: “I feel really well”
(He has been feeling “off” since childhood)

November 2009
Hello Ron and Chris!
I just wanted to tell you that Melody has been symptom free (of arthritis) for about 3 years, and as of yesterday her blood work showed no signs of the disease! We are so happy! Thank you for your help in that difficult time. You both gave us hope and courage to take the route of nutrition instead of medicating with strong chemicals. God used you more than you know, and I just wanted to let you know what a difference you made in Melody’s life. Also, thank you for helping my brother-in-law Geoff while he was going through chemo. He is doing great as well.
Melody is a senior this year and I’ve attached a photo of her.
I hope you are doing well. God bless you,

November, 2008
Dr. Ron is phenomenal! He is so well organized, and makes things easy to understand and very ‘do-able’. He is smart, quick to pick up on things, and a joy to work with! ES – NY

May 2009
Woke up with allergic welts on arms plus eyes.
Vitamin C flush helped her in 1 day, instead of the usual 3 days! (First time ever) Had no welts the following day and was back at work

Overall symptoms before Dr. Ron:
1. Slightly depressed
2. Out of energy
3. Low sex drive
4. Irritable often
5. Hot and cold throughout the day
6. Waking up clammy
7. Not getting a good night’s sleep
8. Wearing socks to bed every night because my feet were cold
9. constipation and bloating

Overall symptoms since adding the Magnesium, Formula 4 and Vitamin D3 (3/16/09):
1. Feel mostly happy, with occasional anxiety/stress
2. SO much MORE energy
3. Good sex drive
4. Not really irritable
5. No more hot and cold
6. Only woke up clammy one time
7. Sleeping throughout the night. Even when my husband snores, I am still sleeping and not waking up angry with him to stop.
8. Not wearing socks often because my feet aren’t cold except occasionally
9. Stools moving 2-3 times a day; no constipation
Thank you, Dr. Ron, for helping me!!!! I am very happy with this progress.

April 2009
Hi Dr. Overberg, Thank you very much for the information. Thank you too for your guidance and wisdom. You are a joy to work with. We plan to set up a phone consultation with you when we get our remaining test results. Dr. Rea’s expertise is invaluable; however your detailed explanations, comments, and thoughts on the next steps are so important for our healing process. Thank you too for your candor. We needed to be set straight.
One more thing – I loved your analogies.
Best regards,
Denise S.

April 2009
Thank you. I have bought the stuff. It should be in within a week. I have been bragging about you to all my friends! I have all these doctors bills coming in from getting my tests done and you are the only that has been able to settle my colon issue. Plus, you are the only one that asks questions and gets results. Thank you for being you :) (W.S.)

August 2008
“I like the “Team Work” approach with the professionals I submit my care to…and I feel Dr. Ron and Chris provide an excellent Pro-active approach to my concerns. I feel so fortunate to have them in my corner. No matter what the health issue is, it is such a ‘high’ knowing you are not alone, and have good people right there, working with you. Thank you Dr. Ron and Chris” CC –CA

November 2007:
A German couple came to Dallas for medical treatment, seeing Dr. Ron for a nutrition consult as part of their program. They told him they had seen many nutritionists in Germany, but none had given them the kind of help that he had.

July 2007
Thank you so much, Dr. Ron and Chris, for all your help on my journey/saga/path to optimal wellness. It’s nice to have a few desert oases along the way, such as yourselves. MG

April, 2007
My stereotype of a nutritional consultant was totally changed after my first consultation with Dr. Overberg. He consistently reviews the latest research in nutrition and related fields. This provides him with a comprehensive view of his specialty. Since he stays on the cutting edge of new research he aggressively recommends new and reliable approaches to excellent nutrition. In short he is a maverick in his field.” MB

December 2006
Dr Ron, you are a genius. I feel great, have lost ten pounds without dieting, and look forward to our next visit.” BG

October 2006
I just wanted to thank you for your advice. I recently had my yearly physical. My overall cholesterol level was 183, HDL was 50, LDL was 118, Triglycerides was 76 and Thyroid was at 1.78. The only concern was blood pressure, which was 138/88. Too much stress at work I guess!
This is the first time in years that my cholesterol is below 210. Again, thanks. CF

September 2006
I had a fabulous (!!!) consultation with you, in which, you advised me on how to cure my GI problems (acid reflux, chronic constipation, slow digestion). After the consultation, I followed all of your suggestions, avoided the foods I was allergic to and had great results. My GI problems totally disappeared, my energy level soared and I lost 35 pounds. KC

July 2004: “This man is worth his weight in gold! ” An environmentally ill patient weighs in with her assessment of working with Dr. Ron.

“I have been to many doctors and nutritionists the last few years. Dr Ron gives a new meaning to the term “nutritionist.” He helped me [understand] better than anyone else!”

“I enjoyed my visit with Dr. Ron. He is very knowledgeable and I am excited about the fact that he spent time with me explaining certain things I needed to do and why. That is very unusual in this day and age….” …Renee A

“I was long overdue for an eye exam, at age 62; the doc said I had cataracts that would need to be operated in another six months. I fretted about it for a year before going back. During that time I started taking Carotenoid Complex. At my one year visit, the doctor found no cataracts and actually apologized to me for his original diagnosis!” KGH

“The hours I spent with Dr. Ron were an investment in peace of mind for me, after three angioplasties, and many drugs for heart, BP and cholesterol. I now have a very clear roadmap; I know where I am, and where I am going in improving my health with nutrition and diet.” A very busy artisan and sculptor who has a lot he still wants to do!

“I had pneumonia 2 months ago, was on three rounds of antibiotics, and still not over it. Started to feel better on 4th day with what you sent me for nutrients.” EO, age 70.

“I’ve been to several ‘nutritionists ‘who just gave me a long list of supplements, but never explained anything to me. Now I understand more about me and how to change than I ever learned before!”

Thanks for your time and expertise today. I am most appreciative. Learned more from you than from all our high-power doctors and the oncology nutritionist! —wife of esophageal cancer patient

“Chemotherapy and radiation made easier with supplement program! My doctors are amazed, and I feel so much better!” a neighbor of ours

Dear Dr Ron,
Thank you so much for helping me in my health crisis. As you know, I was having difficulty with my sleep, had rapid weight loss, racing heartbeat, depression, no energy to the point that I could hardly get out of bed, lethargic and just didn’t feel well. I went to my family doctor, Dr. Khan, and underwent a number of tests, including a blood test. The results came back normal with one exception; my thyroid levels were very high. I asked what form of treatment was to be taken, and he said that he wanted me to wait three more weeks and re take all the tests. I didn’t understand why he wanted to wait three weeks to do this; I was feeling very bad now! My wife had suggested that I call you and get a second opinion. Believe me when I tell you I was feeling bad enough, I took her advice. You had helped her so many times with various health problems and our children that I was willing to take a chance. You sent me to take another panel of blood tests (more thorough) and the same results came back and some precursors to possible future problems showed up. You explained to me in understandable language what the problem was and gave me a suggestion that was doable. I started taking Metabolic Enhancer and B-Complex, within 1to 2 days I could not believe the change. I felt so much better. The sleep problem vanished, my heart rate became normal, depression lifted, energy increased, weight loss leveled out, my appetite came back. I was so relieved and so was my wife. I did go for the retake on the tests with my doctor and he could not believe the difference in my thyroid levels, they were normal. He wanted to know what I had done different. I told him that I had gone to my Nutritionists and that you had put me on some supplements and that I felt so much better. My doctor told my to keep on doing what I was doing because it was working. In fact he was so impressed, he wanted to know more about these products and decided not to give me medication. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me and my family. Dr. Ron you are truly a great doctor and friend.